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Enoki & King Oyster Mushroom Combo Course

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Get the best value with our comprehensive Enoki & King Oyster Mushroom Combo Course, teaching specialized cultivation techniques, spawn production, and offering marketing support for students. Covering the intricacies of these two popular mushroom species, it's beginner-friendly and available in English and Hindi. Our Combo Course focuses on Gourmet Mushrooms, specifically Enoki and King Oyster. You'll master cultivation technology, spawn production, marketing, food processing, and pest-disease management tailored to these species. This course is perfect for beginners, offering easy-to-understand modules. You'll learn about various cultivation methods, farm design, substrate selection, spawn preparation, pest and disease control, food processing, and marketing strategies for Enoki and King Oyster mushrooms. Learn through online resources (videos, eBooks, audiobooks, webinars, doubt-clearing sessions) and practical assignments with instructor guidance. Enjoy access to an exclusive members community on WhatsApp and Facebook, along with marketing support and buy leads. Enroll today and start your mushroom journey. For support, call/WhatsApp +917363970073. Happy Mushrooming !

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